A True Game Changer When it Comes to Goal Setting

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A True Game Changer When it Comes to Goal Setting

A True Game Changer When it Comes to Goal Setting

A True Game Changer When it Comes to Goal Setting

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As someone who normally doesn’t set resolutions at the beginning of a new year, I came across something from a podcast that I listen to that I decided I needed to try this year. BTW, I normally find that setting monthly and weekly goals is more effective for me, rather than yearly goals. BUT, I am always open to trying something new! So, in addition to my monthly and weekly goals, I decided to create an Action Board that has changed my life when it comes to reaching my goals!!

What is an Action Board?

So what is an Action Board? According to neuroscientist Tara Swart, an Action Board is the new Vision Board. Take the Vision Board and add tangible actions. It cannot just be a fantasy of a life you want to live that is unrealistic & without you taking any actions to move closer to that life! It should contain some things that you can achieve within the year, along with some bigger pieces that are stretch goals.

Her method uses the science of how the brain works to make your dreams come true. Once you create your Action Board, look at it daily and VISUALIZE it coming true! This tracks images to your sub-conscious and primes your brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise have passed you by. What sets an Action Board apart from a Vision Board is the action taking place.

How Do I Start?

How I started was simply by setting some intentions. I found a prompt (below) that I liked on social media through a post made by hairstylist Jen Atkin. I thought about who I wanted to be, things I wanted to improve, things I wanted to stop, things I wanted to continue, etc. Then, I wrote them down and put them in front of me!! Just having them inside your head or written down in a journal that you never come back to isn’t enough, according to neuroscientist, Tara Swart. You must look at them daily for it to work!

From there, I picked out some Key Words that represented the intentions I set. For example, one of my intentions is: I Want to Start – putting my phone down more. The word I chose to represent that intention was: present. Another example from my list is: I’m Want to Be – speaking Spanish more. The words I chose to help me live that out daily were fearless and action.

After choosing Key Words, I picked out images associated that motivate me and remind me of the goals I want to achieve. When I look at those words and images every day, I’m reminded of the attitudes I want to have and I carry them with me throughout the day, affecting every little decision. Visualizing is definitely a big part of it, but taking the visualization a step further and doing little actions each day is how to achieve real results over the long term.

Does it really work?

I wanted to wait until I tried this out for a couple months before I recommended it to others. SO, here we are midway through March, and now I can honestly say it’s something you HAVE to try! I keep my board resting on my desk, so I see it every. single. day. Having the things I’m working towards in front of me on a daily basis is a constant reminder and focus to everything I do. Also, not only is it motivational and functional, it’s aesthetically pleasing too!


Before you create your Action Board, listen to the podcast “Does Manifesting Work? Tune in to Learn the Neuroscience” by Jenna Kutcher here. It’s a really interesting listen from the neuroscientist herself, Tara Swart who recommends and advocates on behalf of the Action Board.

Step 1. Create your List of Intentions (you can find my template below).
Step 2. Find Key Words from those Intentions.
Step 3. Pick out images from your List of Intentions and Key Words and voila! You have everything you need for your action board!
Step 4. Lastly, hang them up! In whatever way you choose 🙂 I bought a board from Ikea that was $15 dollars that you can find here!

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