About kari nicole studio

Kari Nicole Studio is an art studio creating original abstract pieces based in the heart of Scandinavia. Just like fashion is a representation of you and can make you feel different things, like empowered & confident or relaxed & comfortable, I believe art evokes the same things, but instead you're dressing up your walls. You want your bedroom to be a space that supports rest and an office to give you energy, and art has the power to set the tone of your space.

streets of stockholm

Norwegian archipelago

costa rican jungle

My artwork is inspired by a love of nature and travel. Having lived in Sweden, Norway, Chicago, Hawaii, and traveling to Costa Rica every year with my Costa Rican fiancé, I take inspiration from every place I travel to. With an Interior Design based approach, my process is methodical, similar to designs starting with a concept and naturally evolving.

Architecture, Design, & Fashion are other big influences of my artwork. Since childhood, I've always loved interiors, constantly rearranging my room and shopping for the latest decor pieces. Moving to Europe in 2020, I immersed myself in the culture and fell in love with the Scandinavian style, particularly the timeless fashion pieces. The focus is the same with my artwork. Kari Nicole Studio aims to create pieces that will last in your home forever.

My pieces have homes in Australia, Costa Rica, England, Norway, Sweden, and the United States which makes my traveler heart happy knowing my art gets to travel all over the world too. With the pieces I create, I hope they brighten your spaces and bring you joy :) Check out the available artwork under the Shoppe or reach out by email at karinicolestudio@gmail.com for commissions.

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