11 Best Places to Buy Bedding

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11 Best Places to Buy Bedding

11 Best Places to Buy Bedding

11 Best Places to Buy Bedding

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This post was inspired by my most recent online shopping purchase. Bedding! When I say bedding, I’m talking about your comforters, duvet inserts & covers, sheets, quilts, layering blankets, all the things. For some, it’s pretty overlooked. I know, with my love of design, I’ve always spent time searching through different websites and stores until I found my favorite option. But for others, maybe you just stumbled upon the one you liked best. There is nothing wrong with that route!

But I’m here to tell you there are SO many places and options out there, even niche brands that solely sell bedding! So, my hope is that this is a starting point for you in your bedding journey, and maybe you’ll find something you love along the way. In no particular order, here is my roundup list for the 11 Best Places to Buy Bedding!

1. Brooklinen

photo: Brooklinen

Brooklinen has only one physical store that can be found in New York. And can you guess where? So clever! Yes Brooklyn. Being a majority online presence, Brooklinen has created a name for itself in the bedding industry. They also sell some bath products, loungewear and decor but they are known for their bedding. They have a wide range of products in the bedding area with lots of colors to choose from. I would say they are a bit on the higher end price wise, but you get what you pay for here – Brooklinen delivers on quality bedding!

2. Anthropologie

photo: Anthropologie

Anthropologie is nothing new. They sell everything you could imagine, but I couldn’t skip them for this list because they are always up to date with the latest trends, including bedding. They don’t have as many options that a bedding company would have, but they have really good options for quilts, duvet covers, bedding blankets and pillows. They are known for their fun prints including florals, gingham, checked, and more florals! Normally, I’m not a floral person but they somehow make them not look over the top! They also have really good basic colors and neutrals if that’s what you’re into. If your bedroom is in need for some personality, check out the loved time and time again Anthropologie.

3. Urbanara

photo: Urbanara

Urbanara is probably not a company that many have heard of before – I recently stumbled upon this brand from an interior design blogger from Germany I follow on Instagram! Unfortunately, at the time they only ship to European countries. But, be aware of this brand, because if they ever start shipping to the U.S., you won’t wanna miss out! They never compromise on quality and pride themselves on using natural materials. You will find a lot of natural and neutral colors. A big hit if you’re looking for good quality bedding, and materials that are ethically made.

4. West Elm

photo: West Elm

Another classic is West Elm. They have every product you could think of when it comes to your home and their bedding doesn’t disappoint. They have so many different options and styles – from neutrals to florals and everything in between. Although it’s a bit on the pricier end (unless you can catch them on a sale), you will know you’re investing in something long lasting and durable if you decide to go with the popular West Elm.

5. Parachute Home

photo: Parachute Home

Parachute Home began as an online-only bedding company. Since then, they have expanded into many areas of the home and opened several brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S., but their mission remains the same. They focus on comfort and making people feel at home. They have a clean modern aesthetic and have tons of great options for all things bedding.

6. Urban Outfitters

photo: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is where I bought my previous comforter when I lived in Chicago. Similar to an Anthropologie aesthetic, they have lots of fun prints in addition to muted hues and neutrals. I purchases their Tufted Geo Duvet Cover in Cream and loved it! Although they don’t have a ton of options as they are not solely a bedding or home company, the ones they do have are solid choices!

7. Coyuchi

photo: Coyuchi

Coyuchi is a company I came across a couple months ago tagged by someone I follow on Instagram, and I was so glad I found them! Inspired by the coast and organically grown, they use only 100% organic cotton, never blending with synthetic materials. I’m sure this is why in part their products can be a little bit on the higher end. With a smaller selection of products, each one is intentionally selected and created. Upholding a minimalist aesthetic, Coyuchi is a really cool brand to check out!

8. Ikea

photo: Ikea

Living in Scandinavia, I couldn’t not include Ikea on this list! Ikea is where we got a lot of things for our apartment when we moved to Norway – partly because the store is right near our apartment and partly because their products are really good prices. Also, I wanted the design of our house to be in conversation with our surroundings – the Scandinavian aesthetic, a very clean lined, minimalist look that I’ve come to love. Their bedding matches this look and is a great option if you’re looking to incorporate pieces of Scandinavian design into your home!

9. Bed Threads

photo: Bed Threads

Based in Australia, Bed Threads makes luxury bedding that’s comfortable to sleep in, during any season, all for an affordable price. All of their options are in solid, unique colors. Although they only have a handful of options, the ones they do have are handcrafted and intentionally selected. They are 100% carbon neutral & they use 100% flax linen for their materials. Bed Threads is a great option for a pop of color into the bedroom and for a luxurious night of sleep!

10. H&M Home

photo: H&M Home

H&M Home has been a go to for me living in Norway. A lot of the home stores that I shopped at in the U.S. do not ship to Norway and H&M Home has some good & reasonably priced options that ship to my address here. This is where I purchased our most recent duvet cover! We went with a washed Linen Duvet Cover in White. I know it’s risky getting white, but I love how fresh and clean it makes the room feel, and the white base gives us room to add in color elsewhere. I just hung up my most recent piece, “Moss,” above the bed and the two pair together so nicely! H&M Home has a lot of good basics for bedding for a good price, and they ship basically anywhere in the world!

11. I Love Linen

photo: I Love Linen

Last but not least, I Love Linen is an Australian based online company that began in search of high-quality French linen sheets. From there, they found their match and then evolved to sell all things Home. They are a great option for a natural and earthy aesthetic. With a somewhat smaller selection of products, they deliver on premium quality and comfort!

If your bedroom needs a refresh, start with bedding. New bedding changes the whole feel of your room! Slipping into the covers at night should be your hideaway from the world, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized as you wake up in the morning. When you’re wrapped up in good sheets, it’s a feeling like no other. There are lots of great options out there to buy bedding, and I hope this is a good starting point for you. Let me know in the comments if there are any others out there that you’re loving!

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